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Joey Gallo Makes Depressing Statement About His Yankees’ Career

Updated: May 18, 2023

As of now Joey Gallo is still a New York Yankee, but as the trade deadline looms it looks like the Gold Glove Outfielder’s time in pinstripes is coming to an end. Joey Gallo currently has splits of .159/.282/.339 through 81-games this season. Gallo was acquired just before the end of the 2021 trade deadline from the Texas Rangers for several prospects, when the trade occurred many expected big things for the fairly young player.

Joey Gallo is known as the ‘most unluckiest player’ in baseball as he either strikes out, walks or hit a 400-foot dead center home run basically. While on the Rangers through a total of 568-games spanning through 7-years, Gallo had 145 home runs and a .211 career batting average that was accompanied by a .328OBP%. Since being traded to New York Gallo has had a .159 batting average in 139-games and an on-base percentage of .336 with a disappointing 25 home runs, 13 in 2021 and 12 so far here in 2022. When compared to his time spent on in Texas where he hit 40 or more home runs in multiple seasons, it is clear to say he has underperformed.

Fans have let Joey Gallo know that he has struggled heavily both on social media and at the games, it has gotten so bad that Aaron Judge, a teammate of Gallo’s even told hecklers mid-game to stop and shook his head in disappointment. Joey Gallo has been mainly quiet when it comes to the heavy amounts of hate, but in a recent interview he spoke out about the hate and his time on the Yankees so far.

“Every time I see a Yankees hat, every time I see a Yankees jersey, it’s something I’m going to have to understand, I didn’t play well as a Yankee. I wish I had”

Joey Gallo made that statement at Yankee Stadium on Thursday as the Yankees are currently facing the Kansas City Royals. New York made a trade for Royals’ OF Andrew Benintendi the night before the series started, getting What will most likely be Gallo’s replacement. Benintendi has a batting average above .315 on the season and is a solid contact hitter with 35+ RBIs so far in 2022. Like Gallo, Benintendi is also a lefty and will be a free agent come end of the 2022 season. Andrew Benintendi only has three home runs this season, but when you look at the dimensions of kauffman stadium (home of the Royals) you can see it is not a hitter’s ballpark. Andrew Benintendi will most likely shatter the short porch at Yankees Stadium.

“I feel bad, it’s something I’m gunna have to live with for the rest of my life. It’s going to be tough. I didn’t play well, I didn’t live up to expectations. That’s a tough pill to swallow”

Joey Gallo is undoubtedly very saddened and disappointed in his performance as a Yankee, and with the clock ticking down to his departure via trade most likely he has reflected massively on this time in the Bronx. Many players cannot play in Yankee Stadium or handle the pressure of playing in New York. Joey Gallo is no exception to that, despite him never being a consistent hitter on the Rangers he still got on base, but now as a Yankee he strikes out almost 50% of the time. Most likely the Yankees can get mid to high grade prospects for Gallo as many teams will most likely look at his 40+ home run Rangers days, but undoubtedly Joey Gallo’s career in the big apple is one of the saddest stints in New York sports history.

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