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Jeff Passan Just Ended A Man Through A Tweet

ESPN’s Jeff Passan has single-handedly ended a man via Twitter as earlier Wednesday Passan fired back on what was a hate comment and what he said was truly jaw dropping.

At 3:40pm Passan made a tweet about New York Mets’ GM Zack Scott who was arrested for allegedly drunk driving after being at Steve Cohen’s house (NYM owner) for a fundraiser. Just four minutes later Defense Attorney David Wohl commented saying “And? I guess you’re desperately trying to smear Cohen because you’ve got nothing else to do.” After a solid 20+ minute wait Passan hit the red button and sent a nuke of a twitter reply, saying “I suppose whatever I have to do is better than what you have to do, which is visit your son in jail.”

Now folks Jeff Passan is an absolute heartless badass who says nothing but straight facts no matter how brutal they are. Wohl’s son, Jacob, was arrested on felony charges for allegedly illicit securities sales. As of now ESPN has not commented or disciplined Passan who’s tweet already has 40k+ interactions.

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