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Patriots Release Cam Newtown; Opens Up Huge Opportunity For The Jets

Updated: May 17, 2023

Earlier today the New England Patriots released Quarterback Cam Newton after picking him up in last year’s offseason. Newton and the Patriots have never been on the same page and you can see the annoyance that the former MVP has given the front office. Frankly it is just plain funny with a hint of sadness that every team Newton has been on always seems to have some kind of problems with him. By the Patriots releasing Newton that makes rookie first round draft pick Mac Jones the starter as week one is just days away from kickoff against AFC East rivals, the Miami Dolphins.

With the release of Newton the Patriots have made a huge mistake. Now the Patriots have a very young inexperienced QB in what is shaping up to be a very competitive AFC East division. This almost spells a losing season for the once super bowl winning team and also allows long time rivals, the New York Jets to fully take over and steal two wins.

The New York Jets are led by first round pick Zach Wilson this season after trading former first rounder Sam Darnold in the offseason. Wilson overall has had better preseason games than Jones and has a whole and the Jets have better weapons in both the offensive and defensive range. With that said this can in a way power the Jets to a potential wild card spot if they are able to capitalize on Cam Newton’s incompetence in leading teams.

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