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Javed Ullah vs Kiryl Astrovukh: Who should Be West Haven’s Permanent Starting Goalie?

We are now five games through the 2022/23 CTHS Hockey season, with that West Haven Co-op is 0-5.

This season has been something special so far despite the losing record. We have seen players hailing from different schools come to West Haven to play hockey, keeping the program alive. With that the Blue Devils have three goalies on the team: Javed Ullah (Jr.), Kiryl Astrovukh (Sr.) and Matthew Rasile (So.). For example this time just a season ago West Haven only had one goalie (Ullah) with no backup.

Javed Ullah has played for the Blue Devils since his freshman year and has recorded 670 saves. Kiryl Astrovukh sports his blue jersey out of Shelton, it is his first ever year here and will be his last due to him being a senior.

Ullah and Astrovukh have been competing for the starting job throughout practices and games. We have seen them subbed in/out for each other along with both goalies getting one full start under their belts.

Now through five games it may be time to stick with one option and ride with it. Having a main starting goaltender will give both the offense and defense consistency.

Javed Ullah has 97 saves in 115 attempts through four games. Ullah sports a .843 sv%, allowing (on average) four-goals-per-game.

Kiryl Astrovukh has 62 saves in 71 attempts through four games played. The Shelton import has a .838 sv%, allowing three-goals-per-game.

Overall Ullah holds more saves (97/62) and a higher save percentage (.843/.838) than Astrovukh. Kiryl though has had less save opportunities (71) compared to Javed (115).

Most likely what West Haven will end up doing is have both goalies play 10-games each. We saw the 10/10 split last year with the WHSHA hockey team. The Westies will then most likely go with a true starting goalie when the playoffs come.

Another option West Haven can do is have either Ullah or Astrovukh be the main goalie with one being second string and playing as the starter every 2-3 games like how the NHL has it.

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