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Italy Beats Austria; To Face Belgium In Quarter Finals

Around the globe people say that this team is the best. That team is Italy, but even so, the stats have to provide evidence. Several days ago there was a spectacular game between Italy and Austria. At the end of the day they both tried, but only one came up on top. Italy wins 2-1 in as they scored late in the game. When the game was live you can see the nervous faces from not only players, but also coaches. After Austria scored on the 114 minute mark they were delighted and thought they could pull through for the final minutes, but they couldn’t tie it up. Italy was just better. I mean the stats couldn’t have been better for the Italian team as their possession percentage was 52% and their passing percentage was 86%. After the big win for Italy the fans cannot wait for their next match in the Quarter-final against Belgium who is coming off a 1-0 shutout win against Portugal.

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