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Islanders Gets Shutout 1-0 In Game 7; Tampa Bay Goes To Finals

Updated: May 17, 2023

Yesterday we saw the New York Islanders face The Tampa Bay Lightning in game 7 where the Lightning would strike as they would win, via shutout 0-1 Tampa. Overall the Islanders did their best but didn’t succeed, hence the word shutout.

After the game, a highlight review showed Mathew Barzal and Brock Nelson having an emotional talk with the press. Mathew responded to the reporter saying, “I mean, Nah, I mean it is too early”, after the media asked him if “Can you appreciate the steps that the team took this year, coming up just a little bit short”? With that being said the New York Islanders got eliminated 4-3 in the series. They look forward to doing better in the 2022 season.

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