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Will The 2021/22 NFL Season Be Josh Allen's Season?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The Buffalo Bills have been training hard and have been doing their best on the practice field. The player working the hardest is Quarterback Josh Allen. Standing at 6’5’and 237 pounds Josh Allen prepares for a season he states will be extraordinary. In the 2020 season Josh completed 4,544 passing yards. He stated during a live interview that “I may not be the best at throwing, but I’m working harder than I ever will be in the 2021 season”. His average yards per game is 270.3. Josh was planted at number 7 as the best QB of the 2020 season.

Additionally he has a QB rating of 90.4. His interception rating is 2.3% and has continued to bring that percentage down as he becomes in his prime. In the 2018 and 2019 season his percentages were less than 5%, but he managed to bring that up to 6.5% in the season of 2020. Obviously we all have no doubt that Josh will not only train his very hardest but also try his very best as the upcoming season approaches.

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