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Islanders' Rusland Iskhakov Is Tearing It Up In The AHL

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Islanders have a rising star in their minor league system in the name of Ruslan Iskhakov.

Isahakov is only 22-years-old and in the midst of his rookie season in the AHL, playing with the New York Islanders’ affiliate, the Bridgeport Islanders. The lefty was selected in the second round as the 43rd overall pick by the Islanders organization. Connecticut hockey is nothing new for the Russian, as he was part of the Uconn hockey team from 2018-2020.

The Moscow native was selected to the 2022/23 AHL all-star team. So far this season Isahakov has appeared in 55 games, he has been an assist machine. Russian Isahakov has 31 assists along with 14 goals, overall 45 points is marked in the stat column next to Isahakov’s name. One of the most impressive features on his resume is the consistent hockey that is produced: Isahakov has a career positive in the plus/minus category at +23, he has never had a negative season in his professional career.

It is looking to be just a matter of time until we see the Center skating on the ice at UBS Arena.

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