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Islanders' #4 Prospect Ruslan Iskhakov Sheds Light On A Depressing Bridgeport Team

New York Islanders top 5 prospect Ruslan Iskhakov has continued dominating in Bridgeport, fueling the fire more as to when he will get on the NHL ice.

In 30 games played, Iskhakov has accounted for 25 points with 15 points being off assists. Despite having a -8 in the +/- column, the Russian has been the cement to an otherwise shaky 9-19-2 AHL Islanders squad.

The .333 winning percentage marks the AHL Islanders as the worst team in all of the AHL. Meanwhile their NHL counterparts sits third in the Metropolitan Division and are one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference with an 18-10-10 record (46 points).

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