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How Tommy DeVito Was Almost A New York Jet

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Tommy DeVito is a New York sport hero. His impact on the Giants has been giant (pun intended) and now Big Blue is sitting just one game out of the final wildcard spot with a 94% of making the playoffs. 

We all know the Tommy DeVito story: He went undrafted and signed with the Giants in an unnoticed move, where he would end up having a steller preseason, to then being released just to be re-signed to the practice squad and eventually being named starter after Daniel Jones and Tyrod Taylor end up on the IR.

A lot had to happen to get Tommy Cutlets in this prime situation, but things could’ve been much different despite him still being on a New York team.

Tommy DeVito and Zach Wilson

Tommy DeVito’s agent Sean Stellato, revealed that the New York Jets reached out to him after the draft and offered to give DeVito a tryout with no contract. Stellato laughed and said, “He’s gonna throw for 300 yards against you in the last preseason game.” DeVito didn’t hit 300, but was close to it notching a 210 yard game, going 19-for-29 passing with a touchdown and interception.

Stellato told the New York Post that the Jets front office got mad and that he felt bad after, noting that what he said was out of frustration and saying that he has the utmost respect for (GM) Joe Douglas and (assistant GM) Rex Hogan, who has been a dear friend through the years.

If Tommy DeVito did sign with the Jets we probably wouldn’t of seen him play much as he would be QB3 or on the practice squad. Tim Boyle would’ve still got his two starts and I feel that the Jets wouldn’t of acquired Trevor Siemian, as they would’ve already have had that third QB option post-Rodgers injury in DeVito. 

You can’t really blame the Jets for not wanting to commit to DeVito. At that time Aaron Rodgers was fully healthy with Zach Wilson expected to sit and learn with Tim Boyle being the emergency third quarterback, not to mention Chris Streveler being on the team during the preseason, meant that signing Tommy DeVito wouldn’t have been necessary.

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