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Greg Zuerlein Sets Jets Franchise Record With 60-Yard Field Goal

Updated: May 18, 2023

NFL WEEK 13: New York Jets Kicker Greg Zuerlein set a franchise record in week 12 with a 57-yard field goal, just seven days later he broke it.

The Jets were trailing the Minnesota Vikings 20-6 with halftime on the horizon, with that on fourth down their kicker got the call.

Greg Zuerlein came onto the field with one job to do: kick the ball between the field goal posts. The veteran kicker nicknamed "Legatron" set up for a 60-yarder to close the gap. He kicked it and made it to the disappointment of Vikings fans coved by the cheers of the Jets loyals.

The 60-yard field goal is the second longest of Zuerlein's career as 61-yards is the number to beat. That kick though makes Jets franchise history as that stands as the longest field goal made by a Jets kicker in the team's 50+ years of existence.

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