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Former Jets Receiver Wants To Make NFL Comeback If Aaron Rodgers Goes To New York

The New York Jets continue to eye an Aaron Rodgers deal, meanwhile the Jets’ front office is adding key offensive pieces to the roster, mainly to the Wide receiver category.

New York signed Alan Lazard through 2026 and Mecole Hardman on a one-year deal. The front office is also ‘very interested’ in an addition of Odell Beckham Jr., who has not played since the Rams v Bengals Super Bowl, where he tore his ACL. OBJ tried an NFL comeback late last season, but wasn't considered ‘100% healthy’ by multiple teams.

Overall the Jets are sitting well with or without OBJ, but they may be in store for a possible reunion. Eric Decker, who played with New York from 2014-2016, took to Instagram posting,

“Hey I’m down for one more (season) if @aaronrodgers12 (Aaron Rodgers) is there.”

Decker played his last NFL game in 2017 with the Tennessee Titans, having 563 receiving yards off of 54 receptions (83 TAR). The former third rounder spent a total of seven seasons in the NFL playing for Denver, New York and Tennessee. Decker has 5,816 career receiving yards, averaging 13.2 Y/R, and has 53 touchdowns.

The now 36-year-old would provide a veteran presence in the receiver category, but has not played professional football since that 2017 season. Decker would also be one of, if not the oldest Wide receiver in the league (DeSean Jackson, 36, played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2022/23).

Eric Decker would help ticket sales early in the season, but wouldn’t do much offensively. The Jets have Garrett Wilson, Alan Lazard and Corey Davis, who are projected to be the one-to-three string receivers. Some do expect Davis to be part of the eventual trade for Rodgers, but as of now that is mainly a rumor.

The same goes for a possible OBJ acquisition, he will most likely be fourth string behind Davis, splitting time *possibly* at the third string.

Though a one-year deal wouldn’t be much for the free agent, it just would make no sense at this point. I personally loved Eric Decker during his Jets’ stay, but there isn’t room for him and due to his age and lack of football playing he will be more subjectable to injuries.

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