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Forgotten Mets: Alex Cora

Everyone Alex Cora as the Word Series winning manager of the Boston Red Sox, but does anyone relate Cora to the New York Mets? 

Alex Cora spent a season-and-a-half of what was a 14 year playing career with the Mets. Overall it was a small mark on a big long list of playing time.

After spending four seasons with Boston, Cora hit free agency and was later signed by the Mets on January 22nd, 2009, on a 1-year deal. 

Cora hit .251 with a .630 OPS in 82 games with New York, notching 18 RBIs and almost having a 50-50 walk-strikeout ratio (25-28). His 2009 stats were enough for him to be re-signed with an option for 2011.

The 2010 season was one of the worst seasons Cora had ever put up. The infielder’s defense couldn’t make up for what lacked on offense. Cora would be released on August 7th after playing 62 games and hitting .207.

In his time with the Mets, Cora appeared in a total of 144 games, with a .234 batting average, one home run, and 38 RBI.

Cora ended up with the Rangers in Texas via a minor league deal. He did play in 4 games as a Ranger, hitting a .286 (2-for-7), and was awarded a Rangers’ AL Championship ring despite him being released on September 7th, and playing limited time.

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