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Yankees Sell Shohei Ohtani Jerseys At Stadium Team Stores

The New York Yankees should change their name to the New York Angels.

We are in the middle of the Yankees-Angels series at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees organization is selling Shohei Ohtani jerseys in the team store.

Undoubtedly Shohei Ohtani is an icon in baseball, he is the only pitcher in the last 50 years to both pitch and DH effectively on a consistent basis. He has career batting splits of .268 / .355 / .532 with 131 home runs in 582 games. The multi-use player also has a 2.84 ERA accompanied by a 30-14 winning record through 67 games started over the course of his five seasons in the majors.

Though he has had and still is making a big impact on baseball in America there is no reason as to why the New York Yankees should sell his Los Angeles Angels jersey in the team store.

It’s just straight up cringe as the jersey is surrounded by Aaron Judge merchandise, meanwhile the two players have been quiet rivals over the past three seasons for MVP honors.

Nevertheless it’s definitely unique and some people will buy the jersey, so as money continues to be made you will see opposition jerseys being sold.

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