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Donte DiVincenzo: A Historic Sharpshooter

I have posted several videos since 2020 as to why the Knicks should acquire Donte DiVincenzo; I was labeled as ‘clueless’ and even ‘stupid’ by some – Now I can say to many, “I told you so.” Imagine if New York got Donte sooner...

Donte DiVincenzo has done wonders with the Knicks during his first year with the team. The Villanova product has handled and carved the Big Apple since day 1, and last night was the cherry on top.

11 – yes 11 shots made from downtown to set a Knicks’ franchise record (10 3pt made in a single game was previously held by Evan Fournier). To add on to an already memorable night, DiVincenzo’s 40 total points set a new career-high for the sharpshooter.

Donte DiVincenzo has cemented himself as one of the scariest high-volume 3pt shooters in the league. In the process, the Knicks have also created one of the most team-friendly contracts (4yr/ $46.8M / $11.7M AAV).

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