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Can The Islanders Overcome Their Playoff Challenges and Secure A Spot In The Postseason?

The New York Islanders: A team that has so much, but has given so little. It feels as if the team hates us fans at times – 4 winnable games that all resulted in 16 combined points given up (meanwhile the Islanders only scored 5 times). 

This has to be the most inopportune time to have struggles. It seemed that the Islanders were finally back on track after winning 6-straight – then they faded away faster than a childhood friend.

Standing with a 29-23-15 record, New York is just 4 points away from being a top three team in the Metro.

With 15 games remaining in the season, the Islanders have hope to squeeze into playoff hockey. The Islanders are just a lone point out from the final wild card spot, but a total of 5 wins separates New York and Detroit. 

A winning streak is undoubtedly needed, but to make the wild card likely would need the Islanders to win at least 9-to-12 of their last 15 games, depending on how Detroit and Washington performs. 

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