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Buffalo Sabres Dodged A Bullet With Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane had the Buffalo Sabres on top of his full list of teams he was interested in signing with. The Buffalo Sabres were noted as a top team with the only downside being money flow, particularly a large money flow to Kane’s bank account.

Buffalo was not expected to give a large one-year deal to the veteran winger, instead a 2-3 year deal was more likely to spread the money out. Obviously, that didn't happen and Kane went to Detroit. 

Now, through 6 games with the Red Wings it is clear that Buffalo dodged a flaming bullet. 

Detroit is 1-5 when Kane plays as he is off to a horrid start that has him at -7 with only 2 points, which are split between a goal and assist. 

ESPN is projecting that Patrick Kane will only appear in 10 more games this season and post a +/- of -19.

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