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Blue Devils Stun Presidents In 52-16 Blowout Win / CTHS Football Week 1

This past weekend we saw Connecticut High School Football kickoff for the first time in 658 days. A total of 50+ teams played over a several day span. Two of the teams that played were the West Haven Blue Devils and the Harding Presidents.

The Blue Devils went 2-8 in 2019, with that they were moved down due to the lack of success. The once top team in CTHS Football has struggled massively in the past several seasons. Now in 2021 the Devils lost many top players due to graduation, but overall they still have many of their hard hitters. The biggest thing going into this season was the rookie QB of Preston Denno who only played Freshman Blue Devils football in 2019, now Denno is QB1 of the Blue Devils here in 2021. Denno led the West Haven Seahawks to Florida Football back in his Bailey days, he has already proven to be a top QB. With that said the expectations are somewhat high for Denno as he went into week one. Preston Denno lived up to those expectations.

52-16 was the score as the clock struck 0. West Haven takes down the Harding Presidents in a dominating statement blowout win. Both the offense and defense showed up and I cannot stress that enough. The Harding players looked stunned like a deer in the headlights. Now is West Haven ‘back’? Well right now it is hard to tell, most likely we will be able to see by week three. I also want to mention that the Devils will be getting key players Donte Salvatore and Tyreese Brown back soon as they got injured in the preseason. West Haven is also home to CTHS Football top 25 player Kyshawn Togba.

No matter what though this season will be very fun to watch.

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