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The New York Mets Season Is Over

Updated: May 17, 2023

The 2021 MLB is sadly coming to an end as for most teams there is just less than 15-games left and the New York Mets are no exception to that. The Mets sit 73-77, 3rd in the NLE over 5-games back on first place Atlanta. The clock winds down with 12-games remaining for the Queens team as they will play their final games against the Red Sox, Brewers, Marlins and the Braves. The Mets are over 6-games back on the NLWC with little to no chance of playoff baseball, sadly these are just throw away games for the Mets.

Frankly this season was a true disappointment for the team after having a 4+ game lead, owning first place in the NLE at the all star break. It just came all crashing down with injuries and inconsistency being the main issues with the team. For a team that was so hyped by owners and players it is just purely just embarrassing that this team will most likely finish the season below .500 once again.

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