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Yankees-Dodgers Trade Could Mean End To Fan Favorite Pitcher

Early Monday morning, the New York Yankees delt No. 8 prospect Trey Sweeney to the Los Angeles Dodgers for relief pitcher Victor Gonzalez and 2B/3B Jorbit Vivas. 

Sweeney, who is expected to be in the Majors sometime during 2024, slashed .252 / .367 / .411 in 100 games with double-AA Somerset.

The loss of Sweeney hasn’t been frowned upon by the Pinstripe loyal, but it has caused concern amongst fans as it is now expected that New York is ending their pursuit of  free agent relief pitcher Wandy Peralta. 

Wandy Peralta was a 2021 trade deadline move from SanFran to the Bronx. Peralta brought a career ERA that was above 4.70 to New York and since (165 games) his ERA hasn’t been touched 3.00 as a Yankee.

Peralta has been one of the best relief pitchers in the league and is coming off of a 2.83 ERA season, where he went 4-2 and notched 54 innings.

The move for Victor Gonzalez is undoubtedly cheaper in the long run for the Yanks’, but New York could pay for it in wins as Gonzalez posted a 4.01 ERA in 34 games last season. Overall, the 2020 World Series champion has a career 3.22 ERA in 89.1 innings.

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