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Will The Jets Go 0-16?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Jets are currently 0-8 mid way though the season with no success in sight leading them to be the worst team in the NFL . Sam Darnold is in his 3rd season as quarterback, but with injury every season he has only done 32/40 games that the Jets have played (Regular Season) since 2018 making him 11-21 in the win/loss column. You cannot blame the Jets failure, at least fully on Sam, you have to blame it on the two head coaches that have managed the Jets since 2017, Todd Bowles and Adam Gase who is in his 2nd season with NY. Todd Bowles did nothing as Adam Gase is just coaching bad, he interacts with the team, but he just has bad relationships with the players off the field and he makes bad calls on the field.

So, will the Jets lose their final 8 and go 0-16? The answer is yes. When you look at their remaining games (PATS-CHA-DOL-LV-SEH-RAM-CLB) stat wise, they won't win, and with Sam Darnold being injured for the second time this year, we do not even know if he will start the game with the Patriots. Both NY teams in Metlife have had bad seasons, if you add the XFL's Guardians and the NFL Giants who share the stadium with the Jets they have a better record with them on the year, and they only won a combined two games. The Jets are on a slow but ask sinking ship...That is on fire....With millions of sharks around it. Not even Super Bowl winning QB Joe Flacco (back up for Jets now) can get the Jets a win, there is just no defense and an offense that has potential, but is poorly managed.

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