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Will Brian Cashman Become 'Too Comfortable' After Being Re-Signed?

The New York Yankees have re-signed GM Brian Cashman to a four-year contract, as he continues to be the longest-tenured GM in franchise history. The extension will be through 2026, the club announced on December 5th.

With that the pressure and strategy shifts on the Yankees this offseason as Cashman now has job security. Now having the assurance that he will not be out of a job in the near future, is leading many to speculate that he will not make the key moves needed this offseason to assemble a world series caliber team.

Cashman has been the Yankees GM since 1998 and since then the Yankees have only won four world series despite 21 playoff appearances. The last time New York won/was in the biggest game of baseball came back in 2009.

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