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Why New York Is The Mecca Of Sports

When you think of New York one of the first things that pops up in your mind most likely is a sport team. It may be the Yankees or even the Islanders, but you still think of one. New York is the mecca of sports, no matter where you go you will always find someone who knows who Derek jeter is or who Joe Namath is. New York is not just known for the athletes they produce, but also the teams that call the city home. There are over ten teams that either have New York in their name or that reside in New York state. No matter what at least one New York sports team is in the playoffs and/or winning a championship as the longest championship-less streak was from 1906-1920, over a century ago. One of the biggest things though is the stadiums that New York has to offer, everyone knows about the Polo Grounds, Shea Stadium and most importantly Yankee Stadium.

New York is a city full of talent as a whole and its truly amazing how many talents just one block holds. Boston and Tampa have great sport teams and athletes, but nothing compares to New York and it will always be like that, winning over 50 championships between all of its current teams it is very clear that New York is a threat, in a good way.

If you ask 100 athletes where they would want to play, I can guarantee you that more than half of them would say New York. I mean come on, who doesn't love New York? It is the city of dreams and talent.

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