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Why Kodai Senga May Not Be Productive At The Start Of 2023

Updated: May 19, 2023

Kodai Senga was signed by the New York Mets via a 5-year/$75M deal, bringing the Japanese star to the United States.

The 29-year-old possesses a dangerous fastball accompanied by an unhittable splitter. The last 11 seasons has seen Senga play for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks in Nippon Professional baseball in Japan.

Senga was one of the best pitchers in Japan and was sought after by MLB teams when he became available. With the Mets signing Senga, they bring him into New York right in the middle of his prime.

During his time in Japan, senga posted a 104-51 record, a 2.42 ERA along with a 1.10 WHIP and 2.92 K/BB ratio. Those career stats are marked through 1,340.2 innings from 275 games. 2022 saw Senga post a 1.89 ERA through 148 innings.

The righthander was great in Japan, but most likely he will struggle over his first several starts. The change of playing style and a rise of talent he will be facing will definitely be an adjustment for Senga. It will most likely take 3-5 starts for the million dollar arm to settle in, nevertheless he will be effective and very dangerous. Having spring training will help the Japanese vet massively, the Mets’ will most likely play him longer to get him used to the change in scenery faster. If Senga excels right from day one then the National League will be in trouble, the Mets’ are already a world series contender without Senga, undoubtedly adding his talent(s) to the rotation only increases their odds.

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