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What Are Ronny Mauricio's Chances Of Getting On The Mets' Opening Day Roster?

Updated: May 19, 2023

Barry Bonds? No, it’s Ronny Mauricio!

New York Mets prospect Ronny Mauricio has been superhuman in spring training so far, as he hopes to make the opening day roster. Mauricio has homered three times in his first seven at-bats of 2023 spring training.

The 21-year-old shortstop has only gone as high as double-AA ball in his career. Last season with Binghamton, Mauricio appeared in 123 games and posted splits of .259 / .296 / .472 in 541 plate appearances; he also had 26 home runs and 89 RBIs. Overall seeing players skip triple-AAA and go straight to the majors is not all uncommon, but usually only occurs if they are posting insane states in AA ball or it’s the September call-ups.

Mauricio’s spring training performance could get him on the opening day roster if he keeps up the dominating at-bats, but he wouldn't be a starter. New York already has Francisco Lindor at shortstop, and he won’t be going anywhere soon. A possible option would be to teach Mauricio how to play corner outfield, the Mets need home run power from those positions. Mark Canha is good, but he’s lacking power along with his contract being up this year. Starling Marte may have his play affected from a broken finger he sustained last season as well.

If you want to be technical the switch-hitter is on pace for 240 home runs if he was to see 560 at-bats, but we all know from experience that spring training homers equate to nothing. Nevertheless Mauricio is showing off his talent and power, with that he could land in the majors soon.

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