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West Haven Blue Devils Varsity Hockey Season Recap (2021)

The West Haven Blue Devils Varsity Hockey Team had a great season, lets go take a look at their season.

The COVID-19 virus ended the 2019/20 season for the team and everyone who plays a sport in Connecticut and it almost happened again this year. After 3 postponements of the season made by the CIAC the word was finally given to play some hockey! It was short notice, only giving the team about 10 days of practice before the season opener. Now that sounds like a lot, but in reality the team was not able to practice much, if at all with each other before that 10 day span.

On January 27th, 2021 the Blue Devils named Nick Boanno Captain of the team with Ryan Smith being the Assistant Captain. January 29th West Haven named all of its Freshman (rookie) players, those being, Haygen Axelrod, Marcus Burrows, Jayden Spreyer, Mike Madera, Jason Alling, Javed and Yousaf Ullah.

The season opener took place at home on February 8th vs long time rival the Hamden Dragons. West Haven would win 5-2. The Blue Devils were under a new Starting Goalie this year as Charlie Miller got the role, Miller ended up getting a total of 330 saves during the regular season and the playoffs. Miller made history as he was the first goalie in over a decade for West Haven to get over 200 saves through 7 games. He also got a shutout vs North Haven.

This was Coach Steve Harris's second season with the Blue Devils, so far he has done great things for West Haven, he is able to bring the team up when behind and help them get the win. Overall Harris is 15-15-1 throughout his two seasons with the team.

We do not usually see the freshman get much time on the ice, this year it was totally different as it seemed like in every rotation there was at least one or two freshman players on the ice. Two freshmen ended up scoring this season, 1 goal apiece, those were by Jayden Spreyer and Mike Madera. Overall the freshmen played fantastically and seemed like seasoned veterans of the sport when they were on the ice. One of the freshman who stuck out was Marcus Burrows who I can very well see playing in one of the Boroughs of New York, if he keeps it up I would not be surprised if he ends up playing on the Rangers or Islanders.

The hockey team is just full of talent, honestly I can see so many of the Blue Devil players carve out an impressive NHL career.

Overall on the season West Haven went 4-6 (4-7 if you count playoffs) two games were cancelled due to them being on the COVID list (Cheshire and Amity) When the Blue Devils came back they played three games in about a 6ish day span (Xavier / NDWH / Hamden) One of the biggest games they played on the season was the Battle For The Bennett as they went up against rink rival and town rival, Notre Dame - West Haven. Throughout the game the Blue Devils had the game, but with about 26 seconds left NDWH scored, sending the game into overtime where the Blue Devils would lose. The Devils also had their senior night before the game, with that said West Haven will lose some very talented players due to graduation, those players being...Conner Fowler, Charlie Miller, Ryan Smith, Nick Boanno and Mike Kelly. The New York Sports Show would like to wish them the best of luck as they continue their careers in both the sport of hockey and school.

West Haven played some of the best hockey I have ever seen, their win/loss record means nothing, the amount of talent on that Blue Devils team is more then good to get multiple ALL STATEs and to get on a pro roster.


2021 SEASON STATS *via Westie Blue


Ben Carfora - 8

Nico Bruneau - 6

Nick Boanno - 4

DJ Carfora - 3

Mike Alfano - 2

Ryan Bernardi - 2 (1 reg season / 1 playoff)

Jayden Spreyer - 1

Mike Madera -1

Anthony Peschell -1

Mike Kelly -1

Ryan Smith -1


Ben Carfora - 9

Nick Boanno - 6

DJ Carfora - 5

Mike Kelly - 4

Nico Bruneau - 4

Anthony Peschell - 2

Mike Alfano - 2

Ryan Bernardi - 2

Jason Alling -1

Jayden Spreyer -1

Joe D'Aurio -1


Charlie Miller - 330 / 33PG / 30PG (If playoff is counted)

Javed Ullah - 5


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