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Top 3 Quarterbacks Going Into The 2023 NFL Draft

The 2023 NFL Draft is on the horizon, set for April 27th. This year’s quarterback class is pretty stacked with talent. One of the biggest headlines is that both QBs (Stetson Bennett and Max Duggan) who played in the most recent NCAAF National Championship aren't even projected to go in the first two rounds.

We made a list of the top three quarterbacks going into the 2023 NFL Draft.

1- CJ Stroud: The former Ohio State QB1 has tremendous arm strength and control with the ability to read defenses.

Stroud is a more-than-viable option for a team in need of a QB. The 6-foot-3 quarterback could extend drives and see more success if he begins using his legs, with that he would be in place to be one of the most dangerous multi-use QBs in the NFL.

He had a 85-12 TD-INT ratio and threw for 8,123 yards over 26 games on a 63.3% pass completion. It’s guaranteed that Stroud will go in the first round, it’s just a matter of will he be the first QB to go, or will he be the second QB behind Bryce Young?

2- Bryce Young: He is ranked as the best QB in the draft on and, he is also a guy that would be perfect for a QB-needy team.

Young’s biggest hit from scouts has been his size as no QB weighing under 207 pounds has been drafted in the first round since 2007. One of Young’s biggest features is that he is able to extend plays both in and out of the pocket on a consistent point, he also has the mindset to remain calm under pressure and lead his team down the field to score.

Another notable for Young is that he is a natural field general, able to accurately re-route his receivers while scrambling.

3- Anthony Richardson: The Florida man has shot up the draft boards due to his performance at the NFL combine.

With that Richardson is making waves as a sneaky first-round pick. Richardson would land as a starter on a QB-needy team, but will most likely see himself sitting behind a veteran presence for a season or two. Nevertheless he is the pure definition of a dual-threat QB, with little work to do to reach his full potential.

He can be flexible and can perform well in various offensive schemes, overall a dream QB for any coach. The only issue that has plagued the Gators’ QB1 is his footwork that has led to inaccurate throws. He threw 24 touchdowns in his college career to 15 interceptions, this most recent season featured him being 17-9 for TDs-INTs. It is also worthy to note that Richardson has a 54.7% career completion number, which would translate to being under 51% with NFL numbers. Nevertheless Richardson had a huge combine effort and we all see how that could change a draft projectory. Zach Wilson is the most recent example of that with a good pro day leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft.

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