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Tim Tebow's NFL Career Revisited

Updated: May 17, 2023

In 2010 a quarterback from the University of Florida was drafted 25th overall by The Denver Broncos who went 4-12 in the win/loss column, that quarterbacks name was Tim Tebow. In 2007 Tim Tebow became the starting quarterback for the Florida Gators in what was his sophomore season and would go on to win the Heisman and he even played with a bruised shoulder and a broken hand. In the game where he fractured his hand, he was still able to throw three touchdowns and rushed for two. To Tim Tebow, pain was nothing.

In 2008 Tebow seemed virtually unstoppable leading them to a 12-1 record (would end up going 13-1) and led the team to their second championship in what was only three years.

2009 was an on and off year for Tebow as he threw 21 touchdowns and rushed for 14, even though this was still a up year for some of his stats nothing he did would every replicate the '07 season.

Tim Tebow will leave college with 9,286 passing yards - 88 touchdowns to 16 interceptions (1 INT for every 6TD) - pass completion of 67.1% (661-985) - 2,947 rushing yards (4.2 yards PAT (692ATT)) - 57 rushing touchdowns - Winning a total of 28 awards.

Going into the 2010 NFL Draft there were many questions on where he will land on the draft board, many top analysis's said he will be drafted late early 2nd round, mid 3rd. Others said he will be a top 10 pick over QB's. While everyone was talking about where Tim Tebow will land, the Denver Broncos made a trade with the Baltimore Ravens for pick #25, with that Baltimore would receive the Broncos 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks. The Broncos will then go on to draft Tim Tebow.

Josh McDaniels, the Broncos head coach said that most likely Tebow will not start in his rookie season and that 'He will play when he's ready." Already out of the box Tebow set a record, that record was for most jersey sold/jersey sales on NFL Draft day, he would go on have the top selling jersey in 2010. On July 29th Tim Tebow would sign a 5-year contract with Denver with a base value of 11.25 million and 8.7 million guaranteed.

On October 17th Tim Tebow would score his first touchdown in the NFL, a little 5 yard running play against the New York Jets. a team he would play for later on in his career. A few weeks later on November 14th Tim Tebow would score his first passing NFL touchdown which was caught by fullback Spencer Larsen who would be last seen in the NFL in 2013. The Broncos would go on and beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Tim Tebow would start his first NFL game on December 19th, where the Broncos would lose in a 39-23 blowout by the then Oakland Raiders. He would get another shot, one day after Christmas, December 26th against the Huston Texans, after losing 17-0 at halftime Tebow rallied the team and gave the Broncos the gift of winning, as they won 24-23.

In 2011 Tebow would be the backup for Kyle Orton who would start 5 games in the season and gave the Broncos a 1-4 record. In week 5 the Broncos would replace Orton with Tebow after being down at halftime, Tebow would decrease the lead, but there wasn't enough time as the Broncos would lose by five points, 29-24. Shorty after the loss Broncos John Fox would announce Tebow would start against the Dolphins, in that game Tebow got sacked an unprecedented six times as they won in overtime with a miracle comeback. Tebow could not avoid the art of "The sack" as he was taken down seven times the next week in a 45-10 blowout by the Detroit Lions. After that Tebow would win six in a row, most were last minute comebacks from behind. Tim Tebow's final regular season win, which was win number six in a row was a comeback against the Bears after being shut out for almost 58 of the 60 minute game. Tebow would bring the Broncos to the playoff despite ending the season with two straight losses.

On January 8th, 2012 the 316 game occurred. The Broncos hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers during the first round, in that game Tebow threw a career high 316 yards with two touchdowns. Tebow went 10-21 in YPC at 31.6% in a playoff game. Tebow also had 3.16 yards per rush and gave the Broncos a possession time of 31 minutes, 6 seconds or 31.06. Tv ratings for the game came it also at 3.16. The next morning John 3:16 was the top searched word on googled and though out the week "Tebow" and "Tim Tebow" were the top searches. This was big because Tim Tebow wore John 3:16 under his eyes in college and kneeled before every game to pray.

The Broncos would lose against the Patriots 45-10, which elimated them from championship contention. After the season it was confirmed that he would be the starting quarterback going into training camp. Even though Tebow brought success to Denver the low pass completion percentage and the large amount of fumbles raised the question if Tebow was cable to play at the highest level for a full season. With that the Denver Broncos would sign free agent Peyton Manning who would later go on and win them a Super Bowl. As they traded Tim Tebow to the team he scored his first touchdown against. The New York Jets.

It was announced that Tebow would be used only on special team plays, but with the Jets struggling and the inconsistent Mark Sanchez as quarterback fans wanted a change. Tebow ended up breaking two ribs in a road game against the Seahawks, that would be the final time we would see Tim Tebow in a NFL regular season game. The New York Jets are famous for having careers die there, and Tim Tebow was no exception to that saying as he career died the moment he was traded.

Tim Tebow would sign with the Patriots and Eagles but never started a regular season game with them, he was last in the NFL in 2015. In preseason games with the Eagles Tebow showed much promise, but never got a chance.

Tim Tebow is now in Triple AAA for the New York Mets, it is predicted that he will be brought up in 2021, but with a hand injury that ended his 2019 season it is unknown.

Tim Tebow would end his NFL career after just 35 games, in which he started 16.

47.9 PCP (173-361) - 2,442 YDS - 17TD/9INT - 41 SACKS worth 258 YDS - 989 RY - 12RTD - 14 Fumbles/6 Lost

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