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This Cars 2 World Grand Prix Racer Was Set To Die In The Movie

Cars 2 World Grand Prix racer Rip Clutchgoneski was set to die in the opener WGP race in Japan from the electromatic pulse that was sent out to him. Disney then changed his storyline to making his engine fail like the other racers who were affected by the fake TV camera that had a laser in it. Clutchgoneski was given his first name as RIP due to it being used as a shortened term for “Rest In Peace” when someone dies. Clutchgoneski is also one of the only characters in the movie from the fictional country of New Rearendia.

Overall there was a car who did die in the movie from the pulse, that car was Rod Redline as he was taken prisoner by the Lemon cars and was forced to give information under intense pain. Once the information was found out the Lemon cars killed him which could be seen as a fire formed from under his hood where the engine is after a mini explosion.

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