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The West Haven Blue Devils 2019 - 2020 JV Volleyball Season Summarized

The 2019/20 West Haven High Blue Devils JV Girls Volleyball season is over as they end their season with a 3-17 record with a 150wp% Of course, no one wants to finish the season below .500 and it's really surprising they did. Now you do have to remember that for a lot of the players it was their first time ever playing the sport, but the amount of raw talent they had is absolutely amazing. Everytime you go to a game you would always see a spectacular play made either offensively or defensively. Volleyball takes a lot of skill and focus, let's meet some of the key players of the 2019/20 season.

Jenna Johnson is the setter for the team, she plays one of the most important positions out there controlling the offense and she did not fail to impress this season as you can find her giving 1000% game in and game out. In the Front Row you can find Emma Davey who had an impressive season blocking the other teams attempts, but she was sidelined mid-season with a concussion. McKayla Fowler also plays Front Row but you can also find her in the Back Row position, she had a pretty solid season defensively and is looking to improve for the 2020/21 season.

Jordyn Johnson also plays Back Row and she had a great season there producing when it counts, doing a great job attacking the ball. Ava Boanno who plays Front Row had a good season as she was a big contributor to the team, racking up some very good numbers. Samantha Carrion also plays Setter, just like Jenna Johnson she is the back-bone to the team offensive wise. Samantha had a good season and is looking to replicate her performance for the next season.

Overall, this team should have finished a lot higher in the standings then it did. This was definitely a learning season for the team but no matter what the score was at the end of the game you would always find the players holding their heads high. I look forward to watching the players progress, and if they can turn their raw talent into talent and keep up with the sport then you'll definitely see a winning season coming up.

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