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The Most Unlikely New York Jets Franchise Stat Leaders

Updated: May 18, 2023

There have been a total of 115 different players in New York Jets franchise history that have at least one pass attempt in the team’s 63-season history. Out of those 115, only 87 players have recorded at least one completed pass. Overall there are just 67 players who were actual quarterbacks on the list, but only a few *stat wise* are the best.

Joe Namath was the QB for the most games (136) and also holds the franchise passing record of 27,057 yards, also throwing the team record(s) of 170 TDs to 215 INTs in his 11-season stay.

Mark Brunell went 8-for-16 passing in his career through seven games with New york, his two TDs in eight completions makes gives him the best TD% in franchise history of 12.5%.

Quincy Carter holds the best QB winning percentage with his 2-1 record (66.67%). When it comes to double-digit wins it is the 11-8 (57.84%) of Pat Ryan’s stay with the gang green team that is the top from the rest.

Mark Malone only played in one game as a Jet and went 2-for-2 passing, giving him a 100% completion rate. Looking down the line in second and third you have Tim Tebow (6-for-8 | 75%) and Harold Stephens (15-for-22 | 68.2%) as they also highlight the pass completion category.

Jay Fiedler has the best QBR of 113.3, he is the only Jet QB with a rating of 100+ (Josh Johnson’s 99.7 QBR ranks second).

The longest single-pass belongs to Ken O’Brien at 96 yards, Sam Darnold and Joe Namath rank second and third at 92, 91 (yards), respectively.

*STATS AS OF 1/2/23

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