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The Jalen Brunson Experiment Is Over

Updated: May 18, 2023

Jalen Brunson was signed by the New York Knicks via a $104 million dollar contract over four-years. The star Point Guard has been anything but a star in the big apple. Brunson has put up inconstant numbers as one night he can have 15-points and then go on to put up over 30 the next. Jalen Brunson currently averages of 21 PPG, shooting at 48.9% through 20-games.

The Knicks now have a total of $256,685,555 dedicated to Jalen Brunson, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle, three players who altogether do not even average 20 total points-per-game. The team has put so much money into average players in hopes they will become a superstar.

Jalen Brunson was brought to be the court setter and be the final part in the making of the 'big three' with Barrett and Randle. Brunson seems to care more about his stats than the actual game along with being a slow mover on the court, the Knicks have had less opportunities with him on. The Knicks are -31 points with Brunson on the court in comparison to the tight -7 of Derrick Rose who is a fast scorer and commands the court when playing.

The New York Knicks are 9-11 with a 11th place Eastern Conference standing. The former Villanova player is shaping up to be signing bust if he does not become more consistent as the Brunson hype may never be lived up to.

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28 nov. 2022

Horrible article . Jalen has been the most consistent player we’ve had in years . He’s playing like an all star . Too bad he doesn’t have the help

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