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The Ghost of Kyiv Is a Badass Who Doesn’t Know How To Lose

Not even a full three days into the Russian-Ukrainian War and there is an arial ace. Unconfirmed reports are saying Ukrainian fighter jet pilot as shot down six Russian aircraft in a span of 30 hours, giving the pilot the nickname ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ by the public. The Russian aircraft shot down include two Su-35 Flankers, one Su-27 Flanker and a lone MiG-29 Fulcrum along with two Su-25 Frogfoots. Ever since Russia invaded Ukrainian to start the war on Thursday, February 25th, there has been misinformation and propaganda spread across both sides. The main reason this can be seen as propaganda is due to the plane used by the Ukrainian Air Force is a Soviet-era MiG-29 and due to that it’s ammunition capacity would be stretched.

True or not though this is what Ukrainian fighters need for motivation and frankly this is just a badass story of a fighter jet pilot with an even more badass nickname.

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