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The Complex Rules of Formula E

Updated: May 17, 2023

Formula E had its inaugural season in 2014 and it has been interesting so far. Formula E is sanctioned by the FIA and is one of the only sports to use electric cars, those cars being the Spark SRT05e car. Formula E has only been around for a couple years and the response has been huge as it is one of the quickest growing sports. Formula E has eleven teams fielding two drivers each and most of the drivers have had Formula One experience or have retired from F1, the sport is basically a minor league for the top (Formula One.) The cars Formula E uses resembles the Formula One cars but that's really the only thing close to it as the rules are so much different.

The points scoring are based on the FIA system as drivers 1-10 are points eligible but here's what's different. The driver who scores pole gets an extra three points, if the driver with the fastest lap scores in the top ten they get two extra points. Formula E kinda has a fantasy part of the sport as fans can vote on social media to give the driver a “Fan Boast” basically six days before the race fans can vote on a driver to give them a fan boast. Voting ends fifteen minutes after the race starts and the five winning drivers can you it in the second half to make their cars go faster for an extended period of time. The drivers also have “Attack Mode” which is basically Formula E’s version of DRS (Drag Reduction System.) Formula E has to be one of the most interesting sports as it makes you glued to the TV while watching as you see drivers who couldn't really go anywhere in Formula One win races and championships in Formula E.

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