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Ronny Mauricio Adding Spark To Depressing Mets' Season

It took almost the entire season for the New York Mets to call-up top prospect Ronny Mauricio. His debut and overall big-league performance was highly anticipated; now seeing him through 10 games and there is no disappointment whatsoever.

Mauricio has been almost flawless and last night was the cherry on top. Ronny Mauricio belted his first career home run in the fourth inning. Overall it was one of three home runs hit by the Mets; Pete Alonso added his 44th and Francisco Alvarez hit No. 23. The Mets would behead the Diamondbacks, 7-4.

The 22-year-old has given the 66-78 Mets a spark in September, he is making throw-away games worth watching for fans.

Through 10 games Ronny Mauricio is hitting .306 with an OPS ops of .787, he also has 5 RBIs and 4 stolen bases.

If Mauricio stays hot he will most likely win himself a spot on New York’s 2024 opening day roster.

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