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New York Jets Activate Chris Streveler To Make 4 QBs Available Against The Patriots

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Jets have activated their practice squad quarterback Chris Streveler to their NFL roster. This move comes just a day before the Jets-Patriots NFL week 8 matchup on Sunday. With the activation of Streveler the Jets will now have four QBs available for Sunday's game. The four available QBs for the game be Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco, Mike White and Chris Streveler.

Chris Streveler made headlines earlier this year as he had a standout performance in the preseason. The 27-year-old was a huge part to the Jets' 3-0 undefeated preseason, gaining the hearts from the gang green fanbase.

The Jets haven't put up any tape of Streveler since the preseason ended which might pose a different challenge for the Patriots D-line. It is expected that Streveler will get to play several downs in the game with the Jets using his mobility as the Patriots have struggled heavily against mobile quarterbacks.

Overall Streveler has played in a total of seven NFL games, all of which have been with the Arziona Cardinals (2020-2021). The right-handed QB4 has a completed 68% of his passes for a total of 141 yards, he has one career touchdown to one interception.

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