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Nestor Cortes Holds One Of The Most Important MLB Records

The rise of Nestor Cortes Jr., is a case that needs to be studied by all below-average pitchers. Cortes went from a 6.72 ERA (2018-20) to a 3.09 ERA throughout 62 combined games (2021-23).

Overall Cortes has been a solid pitcher, but has longevity issues. Nasty Nestor has always found trouble going more than five innings. Nevertheless Cortes is a lockdown pitcher and the MLB record he holds proves it.

Nestor Cortes’ career ERA in the 2nd inning is 0.91, which is the lowest in MLB history. A 2.86 ERA in the 3rd with a 2.38 ERA in the 4th inning also ranks high amongst current starting pitchers.

A pitcher with a low ERA is worth everything and Nestor is able to provide that on an constant basis for the Yankees.

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