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NCAA D1 Men's Basketball Championship Preview: UConn vs San Diego State

68 down to two, but only one will prevail.

San Diego State is the modern underdog story, a team that has blown out every expectation this March Madness campaign is now playing for a championship just hours from now. The Aztecs are in uncharted territory, they just went to their first final four, now they are looking to be sealed into basketball history books. It all started being the fifth seed, SD State took down No.1 ranked Alabama in the Sweet 16, it was a statement win that made waves in the basketball community.

UConn started their run as the fourth seed. The Huskies had a dangerous defense throughout the season, but the offense was a continued question. Incomparable to the women’s team, the men’s were expected to go deep in the tournament, but no one expected a legitimate championship run. UConn has blown out every team that stood in their way, winning all games by at least 13 points, they have breezed their way to championship basketball. Overall something that every team needs is a reality check, if UConn is in a tight affair with SD State, or even behind then it could undoubtedly spell trouble for the Huskies. UConn is a fast team, SD State needs to slow the tempo if they want any chance of contending. On paper the Huskies are better in almost every category, but every game is different and that is one of the most beautiful things about basketball.

The Aztecs have one of the best defenses, especially during the tournament, but offense has struggled at times. UConn proved the haters wrong on the offensive side, massively. This championship is looking like it will be a more defensive match than anything.

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