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MLB is Back! How Will The Season Go?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The MLB announced that a 60 - game season will start on July 23rd and 24th with players to report to training camps on July 1st. This is something we have never seen past MLB history, this season will be interesting for many reasons, one of them being the win/loss for every team, when you think about it 60 games is not a lot a regular MLB season is 162 games, this is not even half of that. Due to that we will see several teams have 48+ wins, we may even see some underdog teams make the playoffs. One of the biggest things to having a successful season is to have a strong pitching rotation, teams such as the Yankees and Dodgers will succeed. The most competitive division will most likely be the AL East as the Yankees and Rays will battle it out, the Blue Jays are the sleeper but with the offseason acquisition of free agent Hyun-jin Ryu they can be a force to be threatened with. The Red Sox and Orioles are a totally other thing as they will most likely have less then 25 wins combined. The California Angles have Shohei Ohtani back who will both be DHing and pitching this season, him and Mike Trout may be able to do something but without any pitching or hitting besides that the Angles will struggle.

ERA and Batting Average will be very interesting this season, we can quite possibly see players batting well over .350 this season. ERA will be very high and very low for some pitchers. Most likely the Nationals wont even make it to the playoffs, last year they started slow and now the pitching depth will not really be there, mainly for the bullpen though. The Astros are going to have a miserable season with the loss of Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander due to surgery, and we don't even know if the Astros hitters even have talent as they were found cheating.

This MLB season is going to be really good or really bad and having 60 games is a joke its self, lets see what's going to happen

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