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Mets Looking To Extend Pete Alonso Before Offseason Ends

Pete Alonso is a franchise player for any team he plays on, the offensive production he puts up is world class. For the New York Mets, they hope that Alonso continues being the king of Queens for the rest of his career.

The New York Mets organization has expressed intent to offer Pete Alonso a contract extension before the offseason is over. If an extension isn’t agreed upon, Alonso would hit free agency at the end of the 2024 season, which could put the Mets in a bidding war.

Alonso, who has only been in the league since 2019, is upfront in some major offensive category all-time in Mets history: 4th in HRs 192 | 10th in RBIs 498 | 27th in hits 635.

Losing Pete Alonso would be a massive loss for the Mets, especially if he goes to a divisional rival. Meanwhile, being able to extend Alonso and essentially make him a Met for life would mean that New York has a key piece to a world series contending team. 

New York losing out on the Yamamoto sweepstakes gives the team more wiggle room in the free agent pool. An Alonso contract extension is being speculated to be around 8 years in the $250M-$275M.

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