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Mets' Jersey Patch Looks "Horrific"

We saw the New York Mets play their first game with sponsorship on their uniforms. The game itself was good, New York took down Miami 9-3, but the uniforms are horrific.

The New York Mets announced a jersey patch sponsorship with NewYork-Presbyterian as part of a new long-term partnership the team announced Thursday.

This is the first season that MLB has allowed jersey patch sponsorships, as of now the Mets are the only big apple team with a patch. Overall it wouldn’t be as bad if the patch didn’t take up so much room on the sleeve, it looks so out of place and has so much space left for lint around the wording.

I'm going to love seeing how the patch looks on the Mets' black jersey and if the patch will be featured on fan apparel jerseys.

At the end of the day money talks and for the Mets who spent a lot of money this offseason, they welcome some extra cash flow their way. We have seen ad placement(s) in every sport and soon enough baseball players and basketball players will look like NASCAR drivers.

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