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Mets Fight Back By Giving The Thumbs Down To Their Fans

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Mets players have answered back to their fans as now the booing is coming from the diamond. Yesterday the Mets gave their fans a ‘thumbs down’ every time they got on base where they traveled smoothly to a 9-4 victory over division rivals, the Washington Nationals.

Over the past several weeks the Mets have dropped massively in the standings. In a two and a half week span they went from first place with a four game lead to a very depressing p3 over seven games back. With that said both the fans and the media have bashed the Mets and rightfully so as the team is so incompetent it is laughable. The Mets were one of the best teams in the NL, now they are once again part of the depressing bottom feeders in the standings. It is crazy to think that a team with so many good pitchers and hitters somehow manage to lose just so poorly, frankly it is embarrassing. The fact that the players are giving their fans a thumbs down is just pure disrespectful, those fans are paying $100+ to see a team that is seven games back in the standings with no hopes of playoff baseball.

New York Mets manager Luis Rojas knows his job is safe so there is no push. He is as poor of a manager as Todd Bowles was of the New York Jets. The Mets are a joke of a team led by a poor excuse of a manager. You cannot just pinpoint one problem with the team because there are several.

Hopefully the Mets can get their agenda together as 2021 is another lost season for them.

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