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Man Steals Lawnmower; Proceeds To Mow Victim's Lawn

So, a man decided, in the middle of the night, to go to a random person's house and mow their lawn. Plot twist: the man, identified as Marcus Hubbard stole the lawnmower just to mow the lawn. This all took place on April Fools’ Day, Hubbard stole the lawnmower of the person’s lawn he mowed, and he did a good job mowing too. The pattern was beautiful as Hubbard then ran from the police where he was later caught. The real criminal(s) though are the neighbors…You’re telling me that no one heard a lawn being mowed in the middle of the night and, if so, no one thought it was weird? Marcus Hubbard should not be charged for anything as he even put the lawn mower back, instead the community should help him form a landscaping business.

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