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K'Andre Miller Has Only One Fix For 2023, But It Is A Big One

K’Andre Miller signed a 2-year, $3.9M contract extension over the offseason, many have considered it as an absolute steal by the Rangers.

Miller had as many or move 5v5 points last season over the likes of Quinn Hughes, Miro Heiskanen and Cale Makar. A regular season of 79 games played with 43 points, 34 of which came from assists.

A poor playoff production saw Miller looking overwhelmed and lethargic on the ice. Overall a young player at 23-years-old could see him be New York's top defender, he has the potential and the tools for development is there. Miller had a donut in last year's playoffs and is -5 in 27 games for his career, sporting 8 points.

2023/24 will be a big year for Miller, who will be entering his fourth year in the league. The biggest factor that needs to change is turnover control, he had 68 turnovers over the course of last season. Those 68 in 79 games almost put him at 1 turnover a game, it is unacceptable.

He makes the kind of turnovers that could break a game or series, if the rate is able to get under control then Miller would be in the best shape stat wise throughout the season.

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