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Joe Bartolozzi Makes Statement About Apex Legends

Popular Tik Tok creator Joe Bartolozzi is known by millions all around the world for his funny reactions and debate on his height. Over the past several years he has grown into the spotlight, becoming an influencer. In one of Joe’s recent videos in reaction to a man saying that girls should not have Instagram while in a relationship he went to the comment section. A Tik Tok user asked Joe to play Apex Legends with him, a popular PC battle multiplayer game. Joe responded to the comment by saying “Apex Legends is a bad game.” The commen, though small and opinion based has received over 1,500 likes and and lead to a potential loss of thousands of dollars in the future. Joe has a YouTube channel where he posts regularly, gathering up over 800k followers and 40M+ views. Apex Legends is known for being the sponsor of many YouTubers, if the company sees that comment that can potentially lead to no sponsorship inquiries to Joe, which in the long run could be a loss of thousands of dollars by not receiving a deal.

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