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Is Joey Gallo Bound for the Yankees Bench This Upcoming Season?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Joey Gallo was traded from the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees for basically nothing just before the 2021 MLB trade deadline came to a close. Up to the trade Gallo played all seven years of his MLB career with Texas to get splits of .206/.333/.489 in a total of 568 games. Joey Gallo came over to the pinstripes with .223/.379/.420 splits, Gallo has always struggled when it came to hitting the ball as a normal at bat featured him either striking out, walking or hitting an absolute bomb into the upper decks. Despite Gallo's inconstancies at the plate, he is two-time All Star and Golden Glove (Outfield) winner.

Overall, the Yankees brought Gallo on the team due to him being a lefty, all season long the Yankees have had strong outfield defense. Gallo was expected to crush the short porch inside Yankees Stadium and have a huge second half of the season, it was anything but that. Joey Gallo struggled like there was no tomorrow to give him .160/.303/.404 splits by seasons end as a New York Yankee through 58 games played. He batted so bad in the second half that his overall batting average on the season would end up being .199, below the Mendoza Line. If Gallo picks up where he left off this upcoming season, then most likely he will lose his job as a starter, coming off the bench late in the games or be fully benched with no playing time. The biggest factor to that is the fact the Yankees will get Aaron Hicks back, there will be a fourth outfielder as the starting outfield could easily be Judge-Stanton-Hicks/Gallo. It will be very interesting how things will play out once the season starts.

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