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How The New York Giants Can Fix Their QB situation

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Giants are having another miserable season as they go into Sunday's game vs the Bears with a 2-8 win/loss record. Now, no one expected the Giants go anywhere this season most predictions had them at 6-10 but they may not even do that, they had a solid start of the season booting Eli Manning to second string QB and putting rookie Daniel Jones as starter. Daniel Jones has done basically nothing this season, yes he has gotten the only two wins for the giants but they have a six game losing streak going into today's game, it seems like Jones likes to give the ball to other teams as he has 8 INT and 32 SACKS. Jones has potential but the lack of experience is the down fall, the Giants shouldn't of moved Manning down to second string.

What the Giants should do is have Manning and Jones play every other game, the Giants season is basically over as the most they can go is 8-8. The Giants can just throw away their season and go for the draft pick but it's still worth a try with Manning and Jones. The Giants are currently the fourth worst team in the NFL.

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