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How NFC East Scheduling Could Give The Jets Path To An Easy Playoff Berth

2023 is looking to be the year that so many Jets fans have waited for: a championship contending season.

With a competent QB at the helm in the name of Aaron Rodgers, along with the offensive and defensive rookies of the year on the same team, well it’s going to be a very good year for Jets football.

Though the dates for games have not been released, the schedule has. With that it shows New York facing the NFC East across their 2023/24 campaign. Those four games against the four NFC E teams could possibly be the Jets pathway to playoff football.

Gang Green has OWNED this division for over a decade. Washington has not beat the Jets since 2007 along with Dallas. The New York-New York rivalry has been the Jets' pride, giving the Giants 'giant’ losses going back to 2011. The Jets have been grounded though against Philly, going 0-12 against the Eagles team all-time.

Possibly sweeping that division series along with winning a majority of the eight total games New York will face against their own division rivals (Patriots, Bills and Dolphins), could spell an easy playoff berth for the Jets.

The New York Jets have not made a playoff appearance since 2010 during the Mark Sanchez era, safe to say that both team and staff are very eager to start a new era in the Meadowlands.

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Now I feel its rigged. Hate deal with Rodgers another one and done

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