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Giants Make NFL History In Comeback Win vs Cardinals

A 20 point halftime deficit would turn into a 31 point offensive out-burst in the second half. The New York Giants would take down the Cardinals 31-28 for their first win of the season, but as you saw in the first line: this game was far from perfect for Big Blue.

The 20-0 Cardinals lead put the Giants at a season 60-0 deficit. In Week 1 the Dallas Cowboys blew out the Giants 40-0 in pure dominating fashion. With the Cowboys embarrassing the Giants and Joshua Dobbs leading the Cardinals offense, along with both teams playing stellar defense, the Giants became a part of football history.

The New York Giants are the first team since the 1989 Steelers to allow 54 or more unanswered points to start a season. Despite that, New York is 1-1 with a 31-68 PF-PA ratio.

Giants’ QB1 Daniel Jones went 26-for-37 passing, with 321 yards and 2 touchdowns for a 103.5 QBR. Jones also threw an interception in the win, it was his third of the season.

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