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Gerrit Cole Shines; Gets Complete Game Shutout In Yankees 1-0 Victory Over Astros

Updated: May 17, 2023

New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole went up against his former team last night, the Houston Astros. This game marked the first time Cole along with the entire Yankees team has been in Minute Maid Park since 2019. The pinstripes were looking for the series win as they took game one the night before and with this being the second to last game before the all star break they would want to end on a good note. Over Gerrit Cole's past several starts he has had an ERA above 4.00 as he has struggles to even go the small five innings expected from a starting pitcher. Gerrit Cole had to show up for this game and he did.

On both sides the bats were quiet for most of the game, except the home run by Aaron Judge to give the Yankees a 1-0 lead. Rounding third base Judge who just hit home run number 22 of the season poked fun at Astros players Jose Altuve who was the center of the Astros cheating sandal. Judge moved his jersey like Altuve did in 2019 after a game winning home run. In a postgame interview Aaron Judge stated he did that because it was "chilly" inside the stadium.

After the home run by Judge the Yankees had a 1-0 lead, a lead and score that they would keep for the rest of the night. Going into the bottom of the 9th inning the Yankees still had a 1-0 lead with the Astros down to their final nine strikes and three outs. With Cole over 120 pitches in with what was now two outs, but a runner on 1st we saw Manager Aaron Boone walk out wo take Cole out as closer Aroldis Chapman was warming up in the bullpen. Gerrit Cole then dropped the F-bomb multiple times as he wanted to stay win, he would then get his wish as Boone turned around and walked back to the dugout. Gerrit Cole would end up striking the next batter in 3 pitches, sealing the Yankees 46th win of 2021. Gerrit Cole would throw 129 total pitches, the most of any pitcher this season as he picks up his 9th winning decision of the year.


WP - COLE (9-4)

LP - GREINKE (8-3)

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